Friday, May 3, 2013

Neos (dev-master) Hints

I'm using Neos from dev-master. Here are some things I've run up against with my group.


You can see and work in anyone's workspace, not just your own. If you want to work in the same workspace with someone, just edit the url.

@ in a Neos URL tells you what workspace you're looking at or using. For example, this shows that I'm in cognifloyd's workspace (hey, that's me!).

If I wanted to see the workspace for user john316 I would replace "@user-cognifloyd" with "@user-john316". Eventually, there will be some kind of access control to say which users can interact with which workspaces, but for now, once you're logged in, everything's fair game.

One way to use this is to share a workspace with a group of colleagues. Before I found this, we would each publish our changes (move them live) every time we wanted to share our work. This way, we can all work in the same workspace, and publish it live when everyone has finished their part.

Wireframe Mode

Resizing images in wireframe mode is currently broken.

Sections don't show up reliably until you've got content in them.

When you aren't in wireframe mode, you can just drag-n-drop elements to re-organize them. However, this feature isn't in wireframe mode. Instead, click "Inspect" in the lower left hand corner. You can rearrange the elements in there.

When you add a page, be sure to edit the nodepath in the right hand properties bar or you'll get some ugly urls. Neos doesn't seem to be automatically creating the nodepath based on the page name yet.